Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3 is a single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) rocket capable of reaching incredibly high speeds. Alan Tracy pilots the rocket created by Brains, with Kayo and Scott co-piloting when needed. Thunderbird 3 is deployed for life-saving missions outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Its heat and radiation-shielding abilities allow TB3 to get very close to the sun without disintegrating, while the small boosters built into its body allow the rocket to move freely while in space.


  • Secondary Thrusters

  • Extendable Sections for Arms

  • Drill Equipment

  • Fine Positioning Nozzles

  • Cockpit

  • Wing Pylons

  • Primary Thruster


  • Tri-grapple Grasping Arms

  • Interchangeable Cargo Section

  • Highly Advanced Heat and Radiation Shielding

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