Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird 1 is a fast response craft capable of reaching speeds of 15,000 mph! Designed by Brains for earthbound missions, Thunderbird 1 travels at a maximum altitude of 150,000 feet and is one of the fastest planes in existence, meaning it can reach anywhere in the world within an hour. This makes TB1 International Rescue's first choice vehicle in an emergency. Upon reaching a danger zone, Thunderbird 1's hover-jet positioning system allows Scott to land it on any terrain. Thunderbird 1's hangar is positioned beneath the swimming pool on Tracy Island, from which it is ready to launch at a moments notice.


  • Avionics

  • VTOL Hatch

  • Cockpit

  • Heat Shielding

  • Variable Flow Intake & Exhaust


  • Sonar, Radar

  • Visual Spectrum

  • Ultra Violet

  • Electromagnetic Field Buffers

  • Isotopic Shielding

  • M.I.D.A.S. Anti-detection System

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